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New Prints
The third and final installment in the Svenska series of prints is now available at the ISO50 Shop (pictured above left). The "Svenska 1B" variation is printed on 80lb. natural cover and each comes hand signed.
To it's right is the poster for OFFF NYC 07 (more info on the event is below). This print will first be for sale at the OFFF festival and later will be available at the ISO50 Shop.


ISO50 @ OFFF NYC 07 - Nov. 2-4 - ISO50 Workshop & Booth

I'll be hosting a workshop at this year's OFFF festival in New York. The OFFF festival originated in Barcelona and now makes it's way stateside for the first time. The workshop I'll be giving will be similar to the series I did in Barcelona on process and theory with deconstructed examples of work. The workshop will be held Saturday, November 3rd, 2007 at the BMCC Tribeca Performing Arts Center in “Theater 2″, 11:30am-1:30pm . More info is here. The above image is the cover of the OFFF catalogue book which is given to all attendees. I will be releasing a series of themed prints based on this in the near future. Detailed images are here.
There will also be an ISO50 booth with shirts, prints and music from the ISO50 Shop. The booth will be a public access area, a pass to the festival is not needed to enter.

Tycho / Ghostly Single Release Date Confirmed
The release date for the first Tycho single on Ghostly has been confirmed for December, 11th, 2007. The single + B-side entitled "The Daydream / The Disconnect" features both of the title songs. "The Daydream" is a brand new track from the forthcoming album, the album being due in mid 2008. I will be posting the single artwork at the ISO50 Blog in the coming month. This digital single will be available via iTunes and all major digital distributors as well as through the ISO50 Shop.

The ISO50 Blog

On a final note I would like to thank everyone for making the ISO50 Blog a great success in it's first month of existence. There have been a lot of excellent discussions and comments from everyone. If you haven't checked it out yet or haven't visited since it launched, there's a lot of new content up and tons more to come with daily posts:
Thanks for your continued support!
- Scott

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