ISO50 January 2011 Newsletter

New Prints / Restocks
New Prints / Print Restocks

After a long absence from the shop, many of the prints have been restocked in the standard format (11x17" @ $20 ea., $17 ea. when you buy 3 or more). There are also a few new additions to the standard series which were previously only available as Studio Editions. Quanitities are limited to 80 copies per design, so be sure to get in on these while they're around, this will be the last time many of them are printed in this format.

Check them all out at The ISO50 Shop

Tycho Live In Sacramento
Tycho will be playing live at SEMF in Sacramento this week. The show is at The Townhouse this Thursday, January 27th, 2011. Some new songs from the upcoming album will be debuted at this show along with the full live band and visuals. Don't miss it!

Tickets / Info

Tycho Album Update
There's a brief update on the upcoming Tycho album over at the Tycho Facebook page.
Tycho Live In Sacramento This Thursday

Tycho Album Update
Featured Blog Posts
Camera Futura
Fake CES demo for not-so-distant-future camera concept fools some, wows all.
Camera Futura
The Sartorialist
Scott Schumann, aka The Sartorialist is profiled in this short form doc.
The Sartorialist
For Sale: Ferris Bueller House
The house from Ferris Bueller's Day Off is for sale! Hint:It's not cheap.
For Sale: Ferris Bueller House
The Lost Work of Vivian Meier
100,000 negatives from street photographer Vivian Meier surface.
The Lost Work of Vivian Meier
Shinosaka to Tokyo
A simple video effect yields some incredible results.
Shinosaka to Tokyo
Tim Navis Updates
Tim Navis -- one of our favorite photographers -- updates with some brilliant new work.
Tim Navis Updates
The Listening Section
Curated by Jakub Alexander
So much going on in music right now, we've got a lot to cover this month so I'll jump right into it.

Last month I took a few days and compiled our Top 50 songs of 2010 into 3 parts that easily form diverse playlists that round up the year:
Part 1
. Part 2 . Honorable Mentions

In other news, our James Blake post may well be the most divisive music article to date. You make the call!
James Blake Live on BBC

Broadcast's beautiful voice Trish Keenan passed away at a very young age. We remember her with this compiled playlist by Rafael Anton Irisarri.

I dug deep through some of the older 12" vinyl  that came out on DFA Records, perfect for some quick energy: ISO50 Workout Playlist - DFA Edition

Started an ongoing series of guest music posts from musicians and designers: Com Truise . Benoit Pioulard . Praveen . Michael Cina . Baths . Roger O'Donnel. We have a few more ready to go this week, stay tuned.

2 releases being given away this month, Mux Mool's Drum 2 EP and Bath's Side Project Album, both downloadable from us and free.

Also check out Jakub's stream on the blog to hear more music selections.
Roger O'Donnell Guest Music Post

Trish Keenan Remembered
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