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Print Repress & SALE

Lots of reprints this month along with some new designs. Each signed print is $20 but for a limited time you can get them for $15 each when you buy three or more.

Check them all out at The ISO50 Shop

Tycho European Tour

We are pleased to announce the first proper Tycho EU tour featuring the full live band and visuals. Here are the dates, click for more info / tickets:

Feb 16th Amsterdam @ Paradiso
Feb 17th Luxembourg @ Exit07
Feb 18th Berlin @ Gretchen
Feb 19th Copenhagen @ Loppen
Feb 22nd Milan @ Magnolia
Feb 24th Paris @ Batofar
Feb 25th London @ Cargo
Feb 26th Antwerp @ Trix

Hope to see you out there!

Tycho Live in San Francisco 4-7-11
1976 Tee Repress
We've reprinted the classic 1976 tee on American Apparel Heather Grey Tri-Blend.

Get yours while they last at The Shop
Tycho Live in San Francisco 4-7-11
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The Listening Section
Curated by Jakub Alexander

I went out and found some of the musicians we post on the ISO50 blog on Instagram, there good people to follow since they travel regularly. View Post

Mux Mool's album dropped today and ISO50 got the exclusive streaming of it in its entirety. Have a Listen Here

I went on a small tangent on why 4/4 is frowned upon but shouldn't be looked over because of some misunderstandings View Post

Our support act for the Tycho tour covers Portishead Listen Here

Also check out Jakub's stream on the blog to hear more music selections.
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