I am Scott Hansen and for the past two decades I’ve been creating visual art as ISO50 and music as Tycho. I like to think of ISO50 as an operating system and Tycho as a product of the process design within that system. ISO50 is the platform from which Tycho was launched and the framework it operates within. I create the music as a soundtrack to the images and the images in turn illustrate the music. I’ve always been drawn to the intersection of sound and imagery and have spent my career trying to create work that seamlessly melds the two.

After an adolescence spent drawing I finally got a computer at 18 and started learning Photoshop. A couple years later I stumbled into electronic music production and it all kind of coalesced into a singular vision. My dream was to be able to design album covers and poster art but until I had clients I spent time honing my skills doing all the artwork for my music project. In ensuing years I released a portfolio, launched the ISO50 blog and built Tycho into a touring act as a platform for an immersive audio visual experience.

For the past 11 years or so I’ve been completely focused on Tycho and create visual work solely in service of the project, album covers, poster art and live visuals. In that time I’ve never collected my work in one place so I’m happy to finally be able to present my body of work in the form of this portfolio.

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Contact: mgmt@anotherplanetent.com