• Fig.1 - Vinyl sleeve back

  • Fig.2 - Alt colorway

  • Fig.3 - Vinyl sleeve

  • Fig.4 - Vinyl labels

  • Fig.5 - Vinyl liner

  • Fig.6 - Vinyl packaging

Awake Remixes 2015

The Awake Remixes album came out in January of 2016 but I did the design in 2015 and it’s part of the Awake cycle so I’m including it in the Awake years collection. The remixes for Awake were so good we decided to package them as an album and it was such a fun project. I loved being able to revisit and remix the album artwork. I decided to go with a darker theme to contrast the airy vibe of the awake cover. I used Com Truise’s remix as the aesthetic center-point and kind of designed the artwork around that. I wanted it to be angular and have an op-art element to it while maintaining the minimal style and spectrum graphics established by the original release.