Fig.1 - Earlier show flyer from which Huron Spectrum was adapted

  • Fig.2 - Flyer back

Huron Spectrum 2004

I created this image for the Tycho album that never was. This was sometime between The Science of Patterns and Sunrise Projector and I had been playing with ideas for turning The Science of Patterns into a full record. Shortly after this I kind of shifted gears into the material that would become Sunrise Projector and so this lived on purely as a poster design. This piece represents the most complex phase of my distressing / edging work. This was before I was using brush strokes so I would vector trace leaves and flowers and scale them way down to create organic shapes for the corners and edges of the more graphic vector lines.

This was adapted from a flyer I had done earlier the same year for (what I believe was) the final Command Collective show at DNA Lounge in San Francisco. I was never really happy with how it came out but liked some of the elements and wanted to try to incorporate them into another design.