• Fig.3 - Vinyl sleeve back

  • Fig.1 - Original photo by Riccardo-Romano

  • Fig.2 - Waterskier photo

  • Fig.4 - Vinyl decals

  • Fig.5 - Vinyl package

  • Fig.6 - Vinyl folded insert poster

  • Fig.6 - Art print

  • Fig.7 - Early version

  • Fig.8 - Early version

Coastal Brake 2009

Coastal Brake was the third in a series of singles from Dive released ahead of it. Having moved from Sacramento to San Francisco just a few years earlier, this song was an homage to the inspiring imagery and energy of the coastal city I now called home. Further employing the negative space themes of Past is Prologue I wanted to incorporate a silhouette as the masking element and refine the treatment for a more minimal take on the distressing and edging of my previous work.

I was really struck by this phot by Riccardo Romano and he graciously let me use it as the basis of this design. I centered the design around the vinyl format as this was going to be my first vinyl release with Ghostly.