• Fig. 0 - Original photo scan

  • Fig. 1 - Flyer for Feb 22 show in San Francisco

  • Fig. 2 - Flyer for Feb 24 show in Sacramento

Madrone 2006

To me this image represents the logical extreme of my graphic photographic collage style and a kind of final step in the leap from my supergraphic vector based work to this photographic collage style. I had been practicing and evolving the process for a few years at this point and wanted to combine everything I had learned. I was really into using typography as a central design element and had been experimenting a lot with different ways to connect the type and the imagery. I had also been digging deep into my collection of vintage magazines and found this image of a young Candice Bergen (fig.0) that really struck me. This also represents the height of my “paper” style where I was using scans of paper in overlay modes to make an image appear as though it were a scan or photograph of an actual printed item.

I created the original flyer (fig. 2) for the Sacramento show and then if I recall the second show in San Francisco was added later so I had a chance to revisit the image a few days later and refine things. The Sacramento show was the first Tycho performance that included Zac Brown who played guitar on a few songs. It was all so impromptu, I just asked him to come out to the show and play on top of stuff, no rehearsals, we were so nervous. The show was at Fools Foundation, an art space in the basement of the Old Spaghetti Factory on J St. in Sacramento, I think 5 people showed up. The San Francisco show was at a bar on Divisadero St. called “Madrone”, hence the name. These shows were the week I moved from Sacramento to San Francisco so it was really exciting to play a show in my new city.

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