• Fig. 1 - Original Flyer

Progress 2005

Road gig! This was the first Tycho show outside California and I was a big fan of Nautilis so I was super excited. It was also my first time going to Austin, a place that ended up being one of my favorite cities in the world. This piece represented a return to the purely vector forms of my earlier work but with an emphasis on paper and paint texture overlays. It was also one of my first experiments with an overall darker color palette, having focused primary on lighter compositions in the past. You can see in the original flyer (fig.1) I’ve gone a bit overboard with the masking tape overlays, something I was really into at the time. After spending some time with the image I switched the font and pulled back a lot of the over the top overlay stuff and landed on the final version. In general I was really pleased with this, I felt like I had finally achieved an illustrative look that felt handmade, not computer generated.

On a side note, this was where I first met my friend Beamer who eventually, and very generously, gave me a Minimoog Model D. That instrument played a big part in shaping the Tycho sound from Dive and on. Thanks Beamer!