• Fig.1 - Original photo by Reuben Wu

  • Fig.2 - Moon photo

  • Fig.4 - Reuben Wu press shot at Black Rock

  • Fig.5 - Early concept

Spectre 2014

Cover for Spectre single featuring photograph by Reuben Wu. I was always a big fan of Reuben and his work in Ladytron so it was an honor to get to work with him on this project.

Around this time Reuben also shot some press images (fig.4). We drove out to the dry lake bed at Black Rock Desert in the middle of the night in February. I think it was the coldest I’ve ever been. We never turned off the car because we were afraid it wouldn’t start and we’d die out there. It’s such a desolate place, miles and miles from anyone or anywhere. Beautiful and forbidding.