• Fig. 1 - Discmakers CD template cover

  • Fig. 2 - Discmakers CD template back

  • Fig. 3 - Discmakers CD clear jewel disc backing

  • Fig. 4 - Chachi Jones / Tycho show poster

Tycho – The Science of Patterns 2002

This was where it all began, the first Tycho EP, The Science of Patterns. I wanted something simple and nostalgic and to me the music on that record feels “red”, probably because I made it on this. Up until this point I had been burning my own CD-Rs and putting labels on them so it was really exciting to be making a “real” CD. It was my first experience with preparing images for professional printing and I learned a lot about templating and color spaces during the project.

Quick backstory: the reason this album exists, and maybe the reason Tycho exists, is because of a serious injury I sustained. On the afternoon of what was supposed to be my first live performance (see fig.4) I passed out in the middle of a fast food restaurant in Rancho Cordova and shattered my jaw. I spent the next 6 months recovering and more importantly not working my day job. I was able to use that time to write and record The Science of Patterns and hone my overall vision for Tycho and ISO50. I think the injury generally shook something loose and gave me a new perspective on life, I never viewed the world the same after that and decided to devote my life to art. Of course it took years of various day jobs and twists and turns but that moment was the impetus for everything that followed.

And on a related note, the Chachi Jones Pugz piece was the first poster I designed and the only example of this style in my portfolio. Shortly after this I got into more organic forms and tones.