• Fig. 2 - My workspace ca. 1998 / 1999

  • Fig. 3 - Lethargy (2002)

Command Collective 2003

This was one of the first posters I designed. Command Collective was a group of electronic musicians in Sacramento in the early 2000’s. Rock dominated the live music landscape there at the time and we couldn’t get shows so we decided to band together and throw our own events. This was the first of the series of shows and a kind of prototype for the kinds of colors and imagery I ended up using a lot during this period. See the Command post for more info on this style and my influences at the time.

This piece was heavily inspired by a piece of art I found behind the dumpster at my apartments. You can see it hanging on the wall in the upper left of this photo (fig.2) of my workspace circa 1998/99.

Fig. 3 is a very early poster I did for Lethargy, a series of shows my friend Dain (Mupetblast) was putting on in Sacramento. This series inspired Chachi Jones and I to form the Command Collective and start doing similar showcase nights. I think this was one of the first times I incorporated these floral, organic elements and human forms into a piece and a lot of these elements found their way into the Command Collective poster.