• Fig.1 - Original photo

  • Fig.1b - Vector artwork

  • Fig.2 - Alt

  • Fig.0a - Dive live visuals

  • Fig.0b - Dive live visuals

  • Fig.0c - Dive live visuals

  • Fig.2 - Poster for first show

Cameo 2011

This one started out as a poster for the show with Com Truise at Cameo Gallery in Brooklyn on 4/17/2011. I did some tweaks and repurposed it for the Tycho / Com Truise US tour in 2014.

The PSB file for this one got corrupted at some point and I lost the source but I luckily had print resolution tiffs I had output earlier. Bummer because I stumbled onto some cool blending mode techniques with this one but will never be able to figure out how I did them.

People who have been to the live show may recognize the vector art from the live visuals for Dive (fig.0).